"Bring Home the Boys" Campaign

Bring Home the Boys   Bring Home the Boys

A portrait of Civil War soldiers who also served as volunteer firefighters from Pottsville, PA was recently discovered languishing in an antique store in Georgia. This is a 7'x7' wood-framed picture from 1892 revealing all of the active members of the Humane Hose & Steam Fire Engine Company # 1 of Pottsville, PA.

The picture contains many Civil War veterans, a Civil War general, and members of the famous First Defenders!

Pottsville fire fighters were among the first volunteer soldiers to answer President Lincoln’s “Call to Arms” to protect the Capitol.

This picture spent many years on the wall of a Georgia restaurant. The boys need to come back home - NOW!

The Schuylkill Historical Fire Society is spear-heading a fund-raising drive of $5,000 to purchase the picture, carefully restore it, and safely transport it back to Schuylkill County.

The SHFS is a non-profit museum located in Shenandoah, PA. We run entirely from donations and volunteers' time. The SHFS currently has one of the largest antique fire apparatus and memorabelia collections on the United States.

The SHFS thanks you for your donation and invites you to visit us at our museum located on 105 South Jardin Street in Shenandoah, PA.

Thank you!

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